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Building an Image
Last update 25.06.2020
Required OS Linux
Dependencies parted



File types
Input rootfs tarball
Output flashable img
Script build.sh

This page walks you through making a flashable image from a rootfs tarball.


This page assumes you have the following:

  • Working Linux install
  • Aptitude package manager
  • A linux-wiiu rootfs tarball package
  • Up to 1536 MiB of space


  • Basic knowledge of how to use the Linux terminal
  • A way to get files off of the Linux computer or VM


You have a choice between these two paths:

  • Novice this is a step-by-step guide
  • Advanced this is a quick rundown of the process for advanced Linux users


I'll be using Ubuntu Desktop for this guide. I'll assume you have the rootfs tarball on your Desktop already.

After you log in, open Firefox from the sidebar on the left of the screen and navigate to this page to follow along.

Right click the download link at the top of this page or here and select "Save Link As..." build.sh

Select "Desktop" from the sidebar on the left of the window that popped up. Select "All Files" in the bottom right corner of the window where it currently says "plain text document"

Now you can click "Save"

The next step is to press Ctrl, Alt and T on your keyboard. A new window should pop up with a dark background and some green text followed by :~$ and a blinking cursor, this is the terminal.

The next step is to write cd Desktop and press enter. :~$ should now be :~/Desktop$

Now write chmod +x build.sh and press enter.

The next step is to write sudo ./build.sh followed by a space and drag the tarball from your desktop onto the terminal window. Then press enter.

You will be asked for your password, enter it.

The script is now doing its thing and you'll know it has finished when you see the green text again after a bunch of white text that looks like this but "debian-wiiu-2020-03-07" should be replaced by whatever the name of your tarball is:

Making file debian-wiiu-2020-03-07.img

Attaching debian-wiiu-2020-03-07.img to /dev/loop0

Making partition table

Making functioning ext4 partiton

Making mountpoint at /mnt/debian-wiiu-2020-03-07

Mounting ext4 partition at /mnt/debian-wiiu-2020-03-07

Changing to /mnt/debian-wiiu-2020-03-07

Untarring rootfs /home/user/Desktop/debian-wiiu-2020-03-07.tar.xz

Changing out of mountpoint

Unmounting ext4 partition

Detaching loop device /dev/loop0

Deleting mountpoint /mnt/debian-wiiu-2020-03-07

Congratulations! You now have a flashable image on your desktop.


  1. Download the build.sh script to a location of your choice, most likely the same location as your tarball.
  2. Navigate to the location of your rootfs tarball in your terminal.
  3. Run the build.sh script you downloaded and pass the name of the tarball to it as an argument.

After the script finishes, there will be an img in the folder with the same name as the tarball.

What's next?

Head over to Distributions/Flashing for information about flashing your images.