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This page is intended for people who can handle getting a kernel and rootfs set up, and need to work out linux-wiiu's bootloader and deal with the Wii U's built-in OS ("Café OS"). If you also need help getting a distribution working, you may prefer the Distributions/Setup page.

Café OS setup

Due to the Wii U's security model and chain of trust, you need to keep the stock OS working so that we can boot it, exploit bugs in it and load Linux over the top. The Café OS homebrew community already has a great guide for setting up your console with exploits - you can follow it with a few small changes:

  • When downloading "Tiramisu for your café", include fw.img loader.
  • If you're going to format an SD card for this, and will use a kernel that supports the onboard SD controller, you may want to consider making a second parition for a rootfs.
  • Autobooting is recommended for convenience but not required.

Kernel & linux-loader setup

Please refer to the linux-loader README. Note that the upstream kernel patches do not support providing a cmdline via boot.cfg, this must instead be set in the devicetree.

Running linux-loader

Once you have the SD card set up, you can boot linux-loader. For Tiramisu:

  1. Hold the B button when turning on the console (autoboot) or opening Health and Safety (no autoboot).
  2. Select "fw_img_loader".
  3. Wait for ~20 seconds. The loader should appear, putting the logo on screen, and then the kernel will boot! Output messages may be spread between the TV and GamePad.