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Lubuntu logo only.svg Lubuntu
Website lubuntu.me
Release 16.04.6 LTS
Last update 2019-02-27
libc glibc
Init systemd
Support Status
Upstream support Unofficial
linux-wiiu support Full
Image downloads
Flashable img 2018-07-26 ("Desktop")

2018-07-26 ("Server")

Rootfs tarball Coming soon!


First: you'll need to download and write the downloaded image of Lubuntu Server/Desktop to a USB Stick with at least 512 MB for Server and 3 GB for Desktop. You'll need to login as root with password wiiu


Ok first you'll probably want to make the RootFS larger because 300 MB can be a bit small. to make that bigger run /usr/local/share/linux-wiiu/rootfs_enlarge.sh as root and if that doesn't work you can always just enlarge it from a computer. after running that your Wii U should reboot and you should now have a RootFS as large as the USB stick. Now, you'll probably want to add your user for example: adduser blargh will add a user named blargh. it will prompt you for a password (twice) and for other info you can leave all this empty, but generaly you should fill out the password. then you might want to change the root password to something more secure than just wiiu with the command passwd (note: if you run this on your user it will change your password, not the root password!)

Dekstop Specific Setup

(Note: if you're on desktop also do the things in "Setup") if you want to enable desktop, run dpkg-reconfigure lightdm and then reboot you should now see a login screen. log in with your user that you created and you will be greeted by lxde. if you are using a non-US keyboard look for and app in the start menu called Fctix Settings and start it. in there you should set your keyboard language. [TODO: Guide to making Fctix start automaticaly]